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Mine process and mining equipment
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Zinc mining equipment suppliers and zinc mining process companies

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Brief introduction of zinc mining

Lead zinc is one of the early metal which has been processed from lead zinc mining. Lead zinc is widely used in the field of electrical equipment industry, mechanical industry, munitions industry, metallurgical industry, chemical industry, light industry, pharmaceutical industry and etc. Besides, lead metal has versatility on departments of nuclear industry, petroleum industry and etc. Among lead zinc mining, lead industry mining has 11 kinds, zinc industry mining has 6 kinds and galena and blende are of the most importance.

Zinc mining process methods

SAM is the professional zinc mining process company and supplier that manufacture types of related zinc mining equipments. Processed mining should be crushed by jaw crusher, and after it is finely crushing, it should be delivered to globe mill where mining is crashed and whetted by hoisting machine and shaking feeder. Spiral classifier clean and classify mixture on the basis of principle that different proportions of solid practice precipitate at various speed in fluid. Mineral grain is sent to flotation machine and put into different kinds of medicine to separate mineral composition that we need from other mineral compositions.

  1. Step 1: Jaw crusher (Crushing mining finely to appropriate grade.)
  2. Step 2:Hoisting machine and shaking feeder(Send broken mining to distribute well.)
  3. Step 3:Globe mill(Smash and whet mining into fine stuff.)
  4. Step4:Spiral classifier(Rely on the principle that different proportions of solid practices precipitate at various speed in fluid to clean and classify mixture.)
  5. Step 5:Agitator
  6. Step6:Inflation machine(According to features of mining, different medicine is mixed into to classify the required mineral composition with others.)
  7. Step7:Concentrate mining preliminarily by densifier.(Because there is a lot of water in the required mining.)
  8. Step8:Dryer(Get required dry mining.)

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