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Mine process and mining equipment
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Tungsten ore mining process, tungsten processing equipment in China

tungsten process

Tungsten ore mining process

The major process of tungsten ore mining includes manual separation, dense-medium separation, gravity separation, flotation, magnetic separation, electric separation. The mining of wolframite is often done by gravity separation, while the mining of scheelite is often done by flotation. Because raw coals contain much water, it is usually take the ONE-KILN-WITH-ONE-MILL configuration to fit precalciner. In tungsten production, for calciners and kilns require different fineness, the tungsten processing equipments need the coal mill system have a high drying capacity and convenient to control the fineness of production. Ring-roller mills and air swept mills are adopted in the production lines.

Tungsten ore mining equipments

Tungsten processing equipments: the air swept mill (with Dynamic Separator) can well adapt to a variety of coal qualities and provide an easy access to control the fineness of production, but it has higher power consumption and noises compared to the ring-roller mill, so the air swept mills should be used to mill the hard coals which is difficult to finely ground; to the tungsten ores with good qualities, the ring-roller mills should be considered first. These two kinds of cohesion are in the same physical property, but the tungsten processing equipments are times greater in value than the latter ones.

Tungsten processing equipment can generate high frequency vibratory impulses to provide stable momentum. When treating hard ores, it will generate a perfect elastic collision. As the collision take place in a very short period, it can give out a rather forceful power. For tungsten ores pass through the crushing cavity of the production lines with its tilt angle changing, ores were milled from different direction. Because of ores milled with various of high frequency vibratory impulses and crushed repeatedly, tungsten processing equipments can offer a high crushing ratio.

Tungsten process equipment in China

We are the tungsten mining processing plant supplier in China and manufacture the process equipments are widely used in industries of metallurgy, mining, electric power, chemical engineering, construction, ceramics, cement and road construction. Year after year, a great deal of raw or/and recycled waste materials need to be treated with crushers and attritors. For instance, in order to separate usable monomers, raw materials should first be crushed to certain fineness with tungsten processing equipments, and then milled to the fineness that allow usable monomers to be separated out.

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