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Tin ore processing plant and tin mining equipment suppliers

tin ore process

Tin ore instruction

Industrial tin mainly comes from cassiterite and the main method for beneficiation is gravity separation. Due to its brittleness, the ores is s both in nature and the process of rushing, grinding and selecting. So we chose flotation to get tin from the rest of gravity separation and tailings.

Raw tin ore processing

It mainly contains washing process, des, crushing processing, screening, grading, proportioning, size mixing and DMS, which applies all of part of above, all the corresponding tin mining process equipments we can supply. S and cemented ores should be washing and des before concentrating process; concentrating process can take place in drum washer, troughed ore washer or screening washer, or combination of them; des equipments usually are cone classifier and hydrocyclone, hydrocyclone for des usually in small size, the range of diameter contain 125mm,75mm, 50mm, even > 5mm.

Tin beneficiation process plant has special requirement for crushing, screening, grading. Crushing (include grinding) should be equal or lesser than the original particle size to make sure tin has just been separated rather than over crushing. Usually multi-stage grinding and multi-sorting are chosen for avoiding over crushing; Screening is in preparation for jigging and grading is in preparation for tabling; screening and grading are widely used to control particles.

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