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Silver ore processing, silver refining process, silver production process

silver process

Silver ore processing

Silver is generally extracted from the mineral ores by pulverizing, abrading, smelting or chemical leaching. The Jaw Crusher plays a very important role in the processing of silver ores, especially in crashing the silver ores. In addition, the Impact Crusher and Cone Crusher, mainly applied for fine crushing, are also the critical equipment during the course of silver ores production. Boll Mill, Raymond Mill, High Pressure Suspending Grinding Mill are all commonly used in the silver ores crushed by the aforementioned crushers.

Silver production process

The big-sized silver ores are evenly and smoothly transmitted into the 1st Crusher (i.e. Jaw Crusher) by the shaker distributor via the storage bin for rough crushing, and the rough-crushed silver ores will be delivered by belt conveyor to 2nd crusher (Impact Crusher or Cone Crusher) for further crushing; the finely-crushed silver ores will be transferred by the belt conveyor into shaker distributor to be sieved into different sized and different classes, after which those silver ores whose grain sizes meet the requirement will be delivered to the stock pile of finished products by the belt conveyor exclusively for the transmission of finished products; and those whose grain sizes fail to meet the requirement will be reversely transferred by the belt conveyor into the Impact Crusher or Cone Crusher to be re-crushed, thus a closed circulation is constituted. The grain size of the finished product may be grouped or classed subject to the customers’ demand/requirement. Besides, for the sake of environment protection, an affiliated dust-removal device may be equipped in the processing of silver ores.

Silver refining process

The traditional silver refining process is pyrometallurgy, which may also be divided as per different refining facilities/equipment into saltpeter oxidation refining, silver-melting furnace refining, TROF converter refining, vacuum distillation refining, Kaldo furnace refining. The pyrometallurgy refining process has been mutually developed and is able to be applied for various-scaled work, but it is of relatively low recovery rate and may serious imperil the environment.

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