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Nickel ore mining process equipment

nickel mining process

Nickel mining equipment manufacturer

Our company is a nickel ore processing equipment manufacturers. Founded in 2000, our company is the metallurgical professional manufacturer of machinery and equipment. Nickel ore are mainly of two kinds: Cu-Ni sulfide ore and nickel oxide ore, and ore dressing and processing method of the two are totally different.

Nickel mining process plant

Nickel ore processing equipments and nickel ore dressing includes mining and conveying system. Mining technologies consist of dredging and bucket and loader in dry; conveying system includes several technologies, such as, buffer ore bin, control and measure ore volume, belt conveying, and sand pump conveying. After mining, crumbling, screening, and beneficiating, we can get nickel from nickel ore. Our company will recommend suitable mining scheme according to process scale and resources’ feature of users, and we will also undertake all construction project or individual technical service of designing and installation and debugging.

Nickel mining processing

Smelting and concentration dressing of nickel oxide ore are divided into pyrometallurgy and hydrometallurgy. The former includes matte smelting, and nodulizing process; The latter includes reduction roasting, atmospheric pressure ammonia leaching, and high-pressure acid leaching, and so on.

Nickel ore preparation methods

The most important method of beneficiating Cu-Ni sulfide ore is flotation, and magnetism process and gravity concentration are regarded as auxiliaries.

At present, we choose pyrometallurgy to smelt Cu-Ni sulfide ore in general. It is difficult to take mechanical beneficiation methods to separate nickel and copper, so we can adopt high nickel matte flotation separation technology. First, melt Cu-Ni bulk concentrate into high nickel matte by converter. Then, after crushing, grinding-flotation, and electrolyzing, we can get nickel cathode eventually.

  1. Bulk flotation process: select the ore that contains lower copper than nickel, and melt the Cu-Ni bulk concentrate into high nickel matte directly.
  2. Mixing and optimization flotation process: First, bulk flotation Cu-Ni from ores. Next, pick up copper concentrate containing low nickel and nickel concentrate containing copper respectively from bulk concentrate. Then, melt the nickel concentrate we picked. After those processes, we can get high nickel matte, and last, flotation separation.

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