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Mine process and mining equipment
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Molybdenum ore mining processing

molybdenum process

Molybdenum mining process

Common Molybdenum ore consists of Molybdenite, Molybdite, wulfenite, powellite etc. Molybdenum ore beneficiation methods mainly is flotation process. The recovery of molybdenum ore is molybdenite. Sometimes in order to improve the quality of molybdenum concentrates, removal of impurities, people will make molybdenum concentrate and then chemical processing outside the grounds. The molybdenum broken typically use the three sections of a closed-circuit process, broken the final product particle size of 12 to 15 mm. The molybdenum grinding usually use ball mill or rod milling, ball mill process. molybdenum flotation adapt the preferential flotation. The roughing output coarse molybdenum concentrate, then rough concentrate molybdenum use two or three grinding, four, five selected to obtain a final molybdenum concentrate.

Molybdenum ore processing

Molybdenum ore molybdenum flotation technology of stone crushing and screening equipment manufacturing process is generally by a jaw crusher and two counterattack crusher comprising a primary rock crusher. Stone entered the first jaw crusher rough break, before entering the second stone crusher was broken, and will meet the size requirements of the gravel portion separated from vibrating screen.

Molybdenum ore processing characteristic

  1. The total reduction ratio of the whole system is large, because of the adoption of a closed cycle, to ensure the ultimate product size average ;
  2. Because of the use of Cone Crusher, they have such characteristics: Fine crushing, product size, less flakiness content.
  3. Adding a waste belt machine can make the power materials and soil discharge machine before the raw materials enter the coarse crushing.
  4. Using two vibrating screen, not only improve the screening efficiency, to ensure that the qualified rate of the gravel, but increasing the types of finished material, that is produced in three sizes finished materials and a kind of available stone chips so as to enhance the utilization rate.

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