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Manganese ore processing,Manganese mining equipment for sale

manganese mining process

Manganese ore instruction

As we know most manganese ore belongs to the lean ore, so we must do vann before we use it. But in fact the most manganese ore is fine-grained or micro-fine disseminated, and with quite a high phosphate, high iron ore and mix metals. Therefore, it brings rather difficult to beneficiation processing.

Our company is mainly supplies large and medium series of sand and gravel equipment, beneficiation equipment and with the purpose of providing professional manganese and equipment for sales, R & D, production and after-service. As a professional manganese ore mining manufacturers, we have the production experience of more than 10 years of mineral ore mining equipment, but also we has accumulated a great amount of ore dressing processing and knowledge.

Manganese ore processing

And now, in common usage manganese ore means mechanical election (including washing, screening, re-election, high magnetic separation and flotation), and fire enrichment, chemical processing method.

Washing and screening

Washing is the use of hydraulic flushing or additional mechanical scrubbing the separation of ore and shale. In common it includes griddle, cylinder washing machine and trough-type washing machine. Washing operations often associated with screening, such as the shaker directly flush cleaning or washing machine ore (wash ore) sent shaker screening. Screening can be as an independent operation, the separation of different particle size and grade of product supply for different uses.


Re-election is only used for sorting a simple structure, disseminated coarse-grained ore, especially suitable for high density of oxide ore. Common methods of heavy media beneficiation jig ore dressing and shaker ore dressing.

High magnetic separation

Because of magnetic separation is simple, easy to control, adaptable, and can be used for a variety of manganese ore sorting, in recent years It has been dominated in the manganese ore. New types of coarse, medium and fine-grained magnetic machine has been developed and successfully.

Weight - magnetic separation

Magnetic - flotation

Fire enrichment

Fire enrichment of manganese ore is one of method which deals with high phosphorus, high iron refractory lean manganese ore, and it was known as the manganese-rich slag in common. Its essence is used the reduction temperature of manganese, phosphorus, iron in the blast furnace or electric furnace to control its temperature to a high temperature for the selective separation of manganese, phosphorus, iron and sorting.

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