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Ilmenite crusher machine for ilmenite processing

ilmenite crushing process

Essential information of ilmenite crusher machine

Ilmenite is an oxide mineral of iron and titanic and the main mineral in refining titanic. Ilmenite usually appears the shape of sliver, as accessory minerals, or dispersed in the magnetite of basic, ultra-basic rocks, living with enstatite and plagioclase. Pegmatite ilmenite come from granite pegmatite, living with microcline, muscovite, quartz, magnetite, etc. Ilmenite is always enriched in alkalinity rocks.

Ilmenite crushing plant

Ilmenite crusher machine ordinarily deals with bigger materials. Productions’ particle size is a little thick and is usually larger than eight millimeters. The feature of its structure is that there must be gaps between broken pieces, which don’t touch with each other. Crusher machines can also be sorted out into boulder crushers, middle crushers and fine crushers.

Our company has many kinds of ilmenite crusher machines for ilmenite processing, mainly including ilmenite jaw crusher, ilmenite hammer crusher, ilmenite impact crusher, ilmenite reaction crusher and ilmenite roll crusher, etc. These crushers play a main role in the operation of crushing ilmenite. We are a stock company, which is a collection of research and development, production and marketing, mainly producing Big and medium-size series of mining machineries such as dinas equipments, mining equipments, etc.

Ilmenite crusher machine features

  1. Ilmenite jaw crusher play an especially important part in the procedure of ilmenite crushing. The main performances are as follows:
  2. Crushing cavity is deep and without dead zone, which improve feed ability and output;
  3. Its reduction ratio is large and the production is epigranular.
  4. Its adjusting device of gasket discharge gate is reliable and convenient. The adjustable range is large, which increases the flexibility of equipments.
  5. The lubricating system is safe and reliable. It is convenient to change components, and the maintenance is little.
  6. Its structure is simple and works reliably, and it costs little for it to be in motion and do business.
  7. The ilmenite crushing equipment costs little energy: stand-alone saves 15% to 30%, system saves more than twice.
  8. The adjustable range of the discharge gate is large, which can meet needs of different users.
  9. It works with little noise and dust in ilmenite process.

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