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Gold ore processing, gold ore mining process equipment suppliers

gold ore process

Gold ore processing instruction

Currently, the mainstream gold ore process generally is crushed by crusher, crushed again by gold ore crusher, and then goes through sorting machine, blending machine, chute slipway, flotation machine; next, gold ore processes by gravity and flotation, and then extracted the concentrates and tailings, and then applies ore reagent by chemical method, finally by smelting, the final product will be the finished gold.

Gold ore crushing process

After finishing the first crush, gold ore goes into double deck vibrating screen. By crushing, top material crush again with middle material, and the product from the second crushing combined and screen with the product from the first crushing. Jaw crusher is used for coarse crushing, standard cone crusher used for intermediate broken, and short head cone crusher or roller crusher used for fine crushing.

Gold ore grinding Process

The screened final product is grinded by first section vibrating ball mill, and formed a closed circuit with grader. After flowing into spiral grader, it grinds again in ball mill, and then forms a closed grinding circuit with cyclone.

The graded overflow by cyclone entry into the second ball mill for regrinding, and then with the cyclone form a closed- grinding circuit.

Gravity separation

Gravity separation method processes gold ore based on the different density of mineral, which plays a significant role in gold selection. The main equipments include chute slipway, shaking table, jigger, short cone cyclone, etc.

Gold ore mining process equipment and process flow

Gold ore mining process equipments include crushers (jaw crusher, cone crusher), milling equipments (ball mill), grader, agitation vat, chute slipway, flotation machine, etc.

All gold ore equipments and process: storage bin – jaw crusher – cone crusher – mineral washing machine – belt conveyer – spiral grader – energy-saving ball mill – shaking table – auto breath mixing mechanical flotation machine – high-efficiency concentrator – leaching tank

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