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Goethite process - How to extract goethite by goethite equipment

goethite processing

How to extract goethite from goethite ore

The goethite process needle first by the jaw crusher for preliminary crushing, when reach a reasonable fineness, the crushed ores sent to ball mill by upgrading machines and feeder, the ball mill to grinding goethite ore. After grinding ball mill of fine ore materials into next procedure: grading.

Spiral classifier principle is according different proportion of solid particles in the liquid and the speed of the precipitation different to wash and classify minerals.

After washing and classification of the goethite mineral mixture through the magnetic separation equipment, because all kinds of minerals susceptibility is different, through the magnetic force and mechanical force will mixture of magnetic material separated.

goethite mineral grains was sent into the flotation plant after magnetic separation preliminary separation, according to different mineral properties to join different drugs, making the minerals and other material separation open.

After goethite ore is isolated, because of plenty of moisture, must be for initial concentrate by the concentrating machine, then drying with dryer machine, and finally get dry minerals.

Goethite process plant and equipment

Goethite ore process equipment is to meet customer on limonite was chosen, research and development and become Goethite dressing equipment, this series equipment as long as including: magnetic separation machine, the flotation machine, the ball mill, the dryer, rotary kiln, concentrating machine, linear vibrating screen and jaw crusher, Raymond milling machine, conveyor and other kinds of crushing, dressing and grinding equipment.

Goethite ore dressing equipment can not only select goethite ore, still can refine a variety of other minerals. My company has been in the goethite ore mining process plant production has accumulated decades of production experience, senior engineer to provide you with the complete set the goethite processing equipment design, technological process and equipment type selection of a series of process.

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