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Gelena mining ways and beneficiating method

galena mine ways

Galena instruction

Galena is a relatively common mineral, but it may have been one of the earliest ores. Galena is the most important lead ore because of its 87% weight is lead, besides it contains 1% sliver ingredient, so it was used to extract silver.

Natural galena type mine ways

Generally speaking, the main form existence of lead is lead-zinc mine, which is associated with zinc. The lead-zinc ore was selected by floating method or by gravity separation individually, and through the gravity-floating combined process at last. Lead sulfide is the main existence form in galena, so the specific galena beneficiation method depend on the ore character.

For the coarse grained distribution of galena mineral processing, it usually need simple crushing, and then into the jig, this process can reach the ideal grade separation with lower coast and equipment investment, besides, the beneficiation indexes as well as floatation. Because of the good floatability performance of single natural lead, the fine disseminated single lead can be beneficiated through floatation, which with a well floatation indexes.

But in practice, the embedded granularities of galena generally thicker, so the good beneficiation indexes can be obtained by gravity with the reasonable crushing process. Consideration the embedded granularities of lead ore greatly thicker, a perfect beneficiation indexes can be required by a process that the intergrowth state between lead ore and gangue was broken via simple breaking, and then enter the jigging.

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