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Mine process and mining equipment
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Chromium ore processing and chromium mining equipment suppliers

Chromium Process

Chromium ore instruction

Common chromium ore include chromite, alumchromite and rich chromium spar etc. among chromium minerals in our country, the gangue ore are mainly consist of olivine and serpentine and pyroxene, etc. with a few vanadium, nickel, cobalt and platinum family in it sometimes. In the rock ore appraisal, we should emphasize on find out the chemical composition of the chrome ore, because it determines the fine ore grade and ferrochrome than.

Chromium ore processing

At first, Ore dressing of chromium are undergoing blasting, crushing and screening, the main method for ore dressing is reselection. Wave bed and elimination are often used in production. Sometimes using low intensity magnetic separation or strong magnetic separation to reselect fine ore, further improve the grade of fine chrome and ferrochrome than.

Washing ore and screening

Washing ore is with the help of water or additional mechanical scrubbing to separate ore from shale called. Commonly used equipment include wash ore sieve, cylinder ore washing machine and groove wash ore machine.


At present, reselection is only used for choosing simple structure, disseminated grain size coarse stone of manganese ore,common methods contain heavy medium, reselection, wave bed.

Another kinds of chromium ore dressing methods are strong magnetic separation, heavy magnetic separation, strong magnetic flotation.

Chromium mining equipment

The selection of chromium ore dressing machine is generally dependent on the specific properties ore beneficiation process and configuration of the related equipment, chromium ore dressing is mainly using reselection and magnetic separation technology, chromium ore dressing machine also is mainly pointed to reselection equipment and magnetic separation equipment.

The related equipment of chromium ore dressing: chrome ore crusher, chromium ore washing stone machine, chromium ore belt convey, chromium mine hoist, chromium ore screening equipment, chromium ball mill ore, chromium ore selection equipment, chromium ore dryer.

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