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Chalcopyrite flotation process and manufacturing

brass ore manufacturing

Chalcopyrite instruction

Chalcopyrite (also called brass ore) is a kind of precious mineral source. Chalcopyrite ore is a kind of mineral can be abstracted processing copper, which has been widely used in many fields. Brass ore is generally poor, in smelting must pass before dressing. Chalcopyrite manufacturing method is mainly flotation method, the whole processing flow is: vibrating feeder - jaw crusher - cone crusher - small jaw crusher - vibrating screen - ball mill - spiral classifier - mixing barrel - flotation machine - thickener – filter - dryer-concentrate.

Chalcopyrite mineral mining process

Chalcopyrite flotation

Chalcopyrite is our country is the most common copper ore, it both has protogenesis and hypergene, and flotability are good. In weak alkali in the pulp, brass ore can keep for a long time the natural flotability. Located in the surface layer of chalcopyrite deposits, long-term by oxidation, hardness is small, easy a shattered, the flotability are poor. Long-term practice found that chalcopyrite, fai molybdenum and pyrite and silicate of gangue flotation dynamics markedly different. Roughing and select the chalcopyrite phytoplankton in the loop speed are better than pyrite fast. In theory, most of the pyrite tailings can be discharged into cyclones, however, because it has even had body and foam layer of the transfer function and part of the pyrite, gangue minerals and the sulphur mineral can also enter in copper concentrate.

Priority flotation chalcopyrite mine sulfur

We usually float copper, and float sulfur. Dense block contains copper pyrite, often using high basicity, high xanthate of the amount of float copper inhibit pyrite method. Its tailing main is pyrite and little gangue, so the tailing is sulfur concentrate.

Chalcopyrite manufacturing

Whether chalcopyrite ore is in open mining or underground mining, first of all, copper ore is sand blast and load to crusher; then, ore crushing, screening. In the primary crusher, ores are crushed into diameter less than 25 centimeters of small pieces.

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