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Blende processing plant, zinc blende beneficiation

blende beneficiation plant

Blende processing plant

The reserves of zinc blende in China is one-fourth of the world reserves, ranking second in the world. At the same time, China is a large producer of Zinc. We specialize in the zinc blende processing and research and development of the machines related to the Zinc mineral, which sell well at home and abroad.

Zinc blende mining stone crusher is the new blende processing plant which is optimized and designed according to the advanced techniques at home and abroad. This equipment can handle all kinds of materials with its particle size below 500 mm and compression strength under 360 MPA.

Zinc blende beneficiation

Mix the marmatite concentrate with copper,then put the mixture into the vacuum reactor and they will become Zinc matte when under high temperature and vacuum system. Catalyzed by Copper, ZnS in the zinc matte is converted into cuprous sulfide, and then Copper matte with the combination of FeS. Zn and some metals are replaced, and extracted in vapor form. Other rare metals are enriched in copper matte. Zinc vapor in a dedicated condenser is condensed into liquid or solid, the rough zinc comes out.

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