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Cone crusher for sale apply crushing process

cone crusher

Con crusher instruction

Cone crushers have standard type and short head type. They are used in middle and thin crush. The standard type of cone crusher is usually used in the secondary crushing, that is, the middle crush. The short head type of cone crusher is usually used in the thin crush, that is, the final crush. They can be chosen according to the need of the customers. The cone crushers can be extensive used in metallic mine and nonmetallic mine, cement mill, building, gravel and metallurgy, etc. They apply to iron ore, nonferrous metal, moorstone, limestone, aposandstone, sandstone and cobblestone, etc.

Operating principles of the cone crushers

When the cone crusher is working, their electro motors rotate by pulley or coupler, the transmission shaft and cone swing by a fixed contact in the crush of the eccentric bushing. They can make the ratio of reduction of the crusher near and far from the white wall surface of the adjust cover now and then. They make the gravel crushed continuous in the crushed tune to make the gravel crushing by extrusion and flexion.

When the unbreakable things go through the crushed tune or some other reasons to make the motive overload, the spring insurance system can implement the insurance. The ore discharge will become bigger and the foreign things will get out from the crushed tune. If the foreign things were blocked in the ore discharge of cone crusher, we can use the system of clear tune, which can make the ore discharge become much bigger, to make the foreign things get out of the crushed tune. With the spring, the ore discharge can get back by itself, the motive can work as usual.

cone crusher application

Characteristics of the cone crusher and the technological superiorities

  1. Easy to service and operate.
  2. The ratio of reduction is big and the production efficiency is high;
  3. The using of quick-wear parts is little and the operating cost is low;
  4. Crushed by lamination, the shape of the end product is excellent;
  5. Rare lubrication, reliable and advanced, longer service life;
  6. More types of crushed tunes, flexible using and strong adaptability;
  7. Hydraulic pressure protection and hydraulic pressure cleans tune, high automaticity and reduce the stopping time;

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