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JJF Flotation Machine

jjf flotation equipment


JJF flotation machine is designed on the basis of principle of traditional flotation machine. It is an ideal self-inspiratory mechanical agitation type flotation machine. JJF is self-aspirated , add diversion pipe and bottom in lower part of impeller, so that the lower part of the grand cycle of the pulp in the tank, and contribute to the trough and the lower part of the cycle of the mineral particles to prevent Shen slot.

Model JJF flotation equipment has a moderate agitating strength, the solid particles being well suspended without settlement and no need for cleaning-up when stooped. The liquid surface is kept stable and it has higher flotation recovery. Due to the impelller has a shallow immerging depth and low periphery speed. It consumes less power it wearable parts have longer serivce life featuring easy maintenance. Dummy bottom and honeycomb duct are furnished. This machine has auto aeration ability.

Features of JJF flotation machine

  1. Self-absorption of air
  2. Perfect pulp cycle performance
  3. Smooth absorption
  4. Long service life of stator, liquid surface balance
  5. Absorption capacity is relatively stable
  6. Temperate stirring intensity, good flotation of solid particles
  7. Stabe liquid level, low installed depth of impeller and low power consumption
  8. Stirring intensity is moderate and solid particles suspends well


JJF flotation machine is a selective process and can be used to achieve specific separations from complex ores such as lead-zinc, copper-zinc, etc. Initially developed to treat the sulphides of copper ore, lead ore, and zinc ore, the field of flotation has now expanded to include the oxidized minerals, non-metallic ores and fine coal.

Attention to flotation machine

Check each part of the boot should be preceded by bolts, stop-start should be preceded by manual generation of wheel rotation, to prevent sediment deposition increased motor load, work should be carefully adjust the height of the gate, so that surface remained stable, at any time the surface of the mineral ore slurry inflow of bubble blowing slot. Impeller and the stator should maintain a certain distance, the wear should pay attention to replace the pump bearing the body should be serviced once every three months.

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