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Hydraulic Cyclone

hydraulic cyclone

Introduction of hydraulic cyclone

Hydraulic cyclone is one of the classification equipments used for beneficiation plants. This machine is mainly used to grade, separate, concentrate and deslime in beneficiation industry. When taken as grading equipment, the machine is usually used together with grinding machine to make up separation system in mineral grinding process; while being des equipment, the machine is used in gravity separation plants. And it is also thickening and dehydrating equipment that can thicken tailings for underground mining gallery filling.


Hydraulic cyclone is equipment used for the separation to remove the heavier coarse particles sediment and other substances in the sewage. Sometimes used for sludge dewatering. It is divided into two kinds of pressure-style and gravity-style, often made by circular cylindrical structures or metal tube. Water come into cyclone along the tangent upper the structure by pressure or gravity, under the centrifugal force, the heavy particulate matter is thrown to the wall and rotate down, and discharged with the concentrated liquid. Smaller particulate matter rotate to a certain extent, discharged with the secondary vortex flow.

The hydraulic cyclones are procured from trustworthy manufacturers of SAM to deliver the best products in the market that has no better alternative. Hydrocyclone as beneficiation plant is widely used in concentrator of nonferrous and ferrous, chemical, pharmaceutical, ceramics and other industries.

Hydraulic cyclone working principle

Ore-mud can enter the drum with the help of a certain pressure (usually 0.5 to 2.5 kg / cm) and velocity (about 5 to 12 m / sec) that caused by slurry pump, and the ore-mud will rotate with the surface of drum, and cause quite strong centrifugal force, rough or big ore-sand will move downwards with the centrifugal force and gravity. Then they will be discharged from the underside of the cone, whereas some thin sand will be discharged from the overfalling pipe.

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