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High Gradient Magnetic Separator

high gradient separator

Brief Introduction

SAM has recently improved and redesigned high gradient separator units have been specially developed for the recycling industry, and are particularly suitable for difficult and dirty work environments.

High gradient magnetic separator utilizes the combined force field of magnetism, pulsating fluid and gravity to continuously beneficiate fine weakly magnetic minerals. It is equipped with unique pulsating mechanism and possesses the advantages of large beneficiation ratio, high recovery, and a matrix that does not easily clog.

Application of high gradient magnetic separator

The high gradient separator plant can adapt to most of ores and minerals, it can process weakly and feebly ore and minerals, such as hematite, limonite, siderite, ilmenite, chromite, wolframite, tantalum and niobium ore, and other purifying magnetic minerals beneficiation: quartz, feldspar, nepheline, fluorite, sillimanite, spodumene and other non-metallic minerals to remove iron, and purification.

gradient separator application


We have over 20 years exprience in producing this type magnetic separator. The high gradient magnetic roll means that normal Fe particles are attracted with great force. This force of attraction is so strong that the belt can be damaged. That’'s why a normal magnet should be introduced as a pre-separator.

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