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High Frequency Screen

high frequency screen


The high frequency screen is of high efficiency, small amplitude, and high frequency of screening. Different from the principle of common screening equipments, high frequency screen adopts high-frequency, on the one hand, destroyed the tension of the slurry surface and the high-speed oscillation of fine-grained material in the screen surface, to accelerate the separate role between the large density (specific gravity) of useful minerals and screen mesh, and increase the probability of contact between minerals whose size is less than the separated grain size, and the screen mesh.

Main parts and features

High-frequency screen consists of vibration exciter, ore pulp distributor, screen frame, machine frame, suspension springs and sieve, etc.

Features: high efficiency, small amplitude and high frequency of screening, easy construction and repair ment, convenient installation and low noise .

The high frequency vibrating screen has a 45° sloping feed section and the screen is generally up hill 5° to improve de-watering. The cross beams are liberally sized round tubular beams with machined clamps for attachment to the longitudinal rails.

Working principle

The high frequency screening differs from the conventional screens. By means of breaking of the surface tension of slurry, together with small granularity high speed vibration on sieve cover and accelerates the separating of large-density useful mines and increases the contacting probability of the materials smaller than output granularity and the sieve pore. Therefore, it creates good condition for separating materials, especially for the small size.

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