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Flotation separator equipment processing for ore dressing and mining

ore flotation equipment

Function of flotation separator

This flotation separator is widely applied to separate and select not only fine-grained and disseminated nonferrous metal, such as Cu, Pb, Zn, Ni, Al, gold and so on, but also metalloids, like fluorite and talc. In the machine, target ore grains in pulp mixed with medicament will selectively attach to the bubbles, float to the surface of pulp and be scrapped out to be froth product. For the purpose of ore dressing and ores mining, the rest will remain in pulp.

Flotation separator structure

This machine is equipped with an impeller agitation mechanism and constructed by slurry trough, stirring apparatus, inflatable equipment, mineralized-froth-exhaling device, electromotor, etc.

Working principles

At or after ore has been mashed, add some water and necessary medicaments. Through agitation trough, the mixture will be stirred into pulp and introduced to stirring pulp trough. Input air into the trough to make pulp produce massive bubbles. Some water-insoluble particles called hydrophobic grains stick to bubbles and float to the surface level of pulp, which forms a mineralized froth layer. Other water-soluble particles named hydrophilic grains remain in the pulp. Mineralized froths containing specific ore will be pushed out to finish the ore dressing process.

Features of flotation separator

  1. Large inspiratory capacity, low energy consumption;
  2. Triple functions—air inspiration, pulp take-in, flotation;
  3. Self flotation circuit; no need for auxiliary equipments;
  4. Horizontal configuration, convenient for process change;
  5. Reasonable pulp circulation for furthest reduction of grit sediment;
  6. Automatic control apparatus for easy adjustment of pulp level

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