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Mine process and mining equipment
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Ffilter equipment

Instruction of filter

Filter mainly includes disk vacuum filter, drum filter of external filtration and vacuum filter of belt. Ore beneficiation plant of filter is filtration equipment made up of cylinder, transmission, distribution heads, main bearings, mixers, slurry tank, and scraper and winding structure.

Filter is mainly used for floating 0-0.5mm beneficiated ore and dewatering clean mineral ore and other fine materials. Filter is mainly used for ores floating and beneficiated, it can be also used for solid-liquid separation in metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum and sewage treatment.

vacuum filter application

Filter characteristic

The ore processing plant of fliter has folliow featurers: energy saving, high degree of vacuum, high degree of filtration, low rate of water content, high automatization, pollution free, less maintaining work and long life.

Application of filter

Mining filter is widely used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, light industry, food, mineral processing, coal and water treatment sectors.

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