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Combined Magnetic Separator

combined magnetic separator

Brief Introduction

Combined magnetic separator is used for sorting 0.4-16mm grain size magnetic minerals. On the basis of the magnetic separation feasibility, through a combination of design, it put distributed beneficiation process into centralized beneficiation process to significantly improve the efficiency and grade of ore beneficiation.

Combined magnetic separator is the usual separation equipment to make ores drop into vibrator through feed bin and be distributed onto stock guide or conveyor equably. This separator will separate the ores by two fractions according to their different dimensions, it has high efficacy and is easy to operate. These ores will be sent to magnetic field by stock guide or conveyor, and then make use of the magnetism differences of ores which are acted on by gravity and magnetic force in the separation area to realize the separation by the different movement locus of different ores.

Combined magnetic separator process benefits

  1. Patented technology
  2. High throughput
  3. High intensity
  4. Good adaptability
  5. Robust design
  6. Easy for maintenance
  7. Free sample testing

Application of combined separator

  1. In minerals: used for magnetite, pyrrhotite, franklinite, hematite, magnetic hematite, titanium magnetite, siderite, chromite and other weakly magnetic minerals sorting.
  2. Raw materials applications: used for the purification of kaolin, feldspar, quartz, zircon ore, etc and the separation of iron in all kinds of material with high granularity.
  3. Recycling: mainly used to get valuable material in smelting slag.

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