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Vibrating screen in stone crushing plant and quarry screening

vibrating screen

Vibrating screen instruction

Being able to do a circular motion, the vibrating screen is a multi-layer, high efficient brand new shaker. It is specially designed to screen material stone for the quarry. What’s more, it can also be helpful to coal preparation, mineral separation, building material, electronic power, chemical industry and many other departments for the purpose of product classification.

The vibrating screen our company produces adopts barrel type eccentric shaft vibration exciter and eccentric block and adjustable swing in terms of structure. In addition, the advanced rivet-connection assembly type frame structure helps to improve the duration of our product. Also, the spring damper can greatly reduce the impact force towards the basis. All those help to make our products reach the national standard on output energy consumption, making us at an advanced level at home or abroad, and received good comments by our buyers of every business.

Features and advantages

  1. Adopting spring steel woven wire screen or punching sieve, longer duration, efficiently avoid blockage.
  2. Barrel type eccentric shaft vibration exciter and eccentric block and adjustable swing, easy to maintain.
  3. Novel structure, advanced technical parameters, powerful processing capacities, high screening efficiency.
  4. Adopt to rubber vibration isolation spring, longer duration, lower noise, smoothly go through the resonance region.

Working principle

The motor enables the eccentric block of the vibrator to rotate at a pretty high speed through the help of a triangle belt. The fast rotating eccentric block will generate very great centrifugal force, stirring the screen box to do a circular motion with certain amplitude of vibration. The materials on the screen box will do continuous throwing movement on the inclined screen surface because of the impulse transmitted by the screen box. When materials meet the screen surface, pellets that are small to the sieve mesh will be well screened, then classification will be achieved.

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