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Industrial drying machine and dryer

drying machine


The dryer is mainly made up of many small components such as cylinder, big gear circle ,small gear, roller, roller axle, wheel etc.. The triangle leather belt reduced the speed when it passes the two polar of the device and the small gear drive the big gear circle at the same time. The electromotor can make the cylinder rolling by designed speed.

Rolling cylinder dryer is one of the drying equipments. Some people also call it drum dryer or rotation dryer. It is one of the mainly drying devices in our company for the moment. it is also one of the main drying equipments on the moment market and devices of mine hills.

The drying machine is mainly used for drying certain humidity and granularity material in selecting ore, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry etc. Rotating dryer is friendly with manty materials. Besides, it can dry any kinds of material and the device of it is simple and reliable. Therefore, it is used widely.

The industrial dryer is mainly used for drying thoes materials such as slag, clay, coal powder that produced from building industry and metallurgy industry and leached residue that produced in metal making from mine industry. In order to control the inner temperature of the dryer, the thermocouple is installed on the device which can remove materials. thus ,the change of the temperature in the removing port can be seen from the thermometer. It provide the foundation to better control the inner tempreture of control cylinder (usually 350-380 degrees).

Drying machine main structure parts

Flying coal ash dryer is one of the dryer series that procuced in our company, this equipment is suitable for drying fly ash, blue carbon, lignite (also named wood coal) and other granular, cream, or powder has a special effect to dry flying coal ash, carbon, this equipment is also called the blue carbon dryer or lignite dryer.


This series of dryers can not only dry the lava material produced in steel smelting and calcium carbide slag but also dry materials like electronic stone powder, limestone and clay and river sand, sands, water materials etc at the same time. The name of the dryers is varied for the drying materials. It can be called metal powder dryer if it is used for drying metals poeder while it can we called pellet of iron concentrate if it is used for drying iron concentrate pellets.

Drying equipment types

The rotary dryers refer to those that belong to rotary series. Common rotary dryers include sleeve dryer, drum dryer, drum dryer etc. These series of equipments are all made up by components like rotation devices supporting devices and seal ring and so on.

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