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Mine process and mining equipment
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Belt conveyor for sale in mine processing and stone trastmission

belt conveyor

Instruction of belt conveyor

Conveyor belt can transport all kinds of materials economically and effectively. Its working temperature ranges is from-20 ° c to 40 ° c, material’s temperature is below 50 degrees Celsius. Belt conveyor for sale ties manufacturing facilities, which can achieve continuity and automation of production processes, improve productivity and reduce labor intensity.


Belt conveyors movement is based on principle of Friction transmission , it has the large conveying capacity、long transmission distance、steady Conveying speed,no relative motion between material and conveyor belt、lower noise、simple structure, easy to maintenance, lower energy consumption, standardized parts and other characteristics. For all these reasons, the conveying equipment is most widely used in mine process and stone transmission; it’s applied in mining, metallurgical, chemical industry, casting, the building materials industry to transport and production line and hydroelectric station construction site and port and production department.

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Belt conveyor features

  1. rubber vibration isolation spring is used for belt conveyor, it has a long service life and lower noise.
  2. It has the novel structure and advanced technical parameters are adopted to keep large processing capacity and high screening efficiency.
  3. Drum type eccentric spindle exciter and eccentric block are adopted to adjust belt conveyor’s amplitude, and thus extremely maintenance-friendly.
  4. Spring steel is formed by screen or punching sieve plate, which has a long service life and characteristic of lower hole-plugging .

Main parts

The belt conveyor is mainly made up of frame、transportation belt、belt roller、tension device and driving device. The fuselage is formed by steel plates of high grade, and height difference between front outrigger and rear leg formed the frame.

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